Through sports-themed literature and more, our Mission is to help young people identify and maximize their unique strengths so they can achieve true success in their lives.


We all face difficulties but it’s how we respond to those challenges that makes the difference. Signature Strength Publishing engages the youth of America with sports-themed literature and more so they can succeed in the greatest sport of all – life. Our efforts are designed to help young people make smarter decisions so they can lead more satisfying and productive lives.

With professional athletes held in such high regard, their life experiences provide a unique perspective on the true meaning of success. We work with personalities that have come back from insurmountable challenges and personal tragedies. Their powerful stories inspire, motivate and show that with help and commitment, anything is possible. Our goal is to share their tragedies and triumphs in a way that brings positive direction and meaning to young lives.

Today’s world is filled with perils and pitfalls. Signature Strength is about extracting life’s lessons from some of the world’s biggest names and using these cautionary tales as a catalyst for overcoming personal challenges.