George Castle

George Castle Champions is George Castle’s 15th book in a busy author’s career since 1998. Subjects of his books have ranged from broadcaster Harry Caray to volatile manager Lou Piniella to the top 50 game changers in baseball. Castle also has written or co-written five children’s books focused on teams’ histories. Growing up in the cheap seats at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, old Comiskey Park and Chicago Stadium, Castle eventually switched to the press box for a nearly-four decade career chronicling baseball, hockey and basketball. The NFL was his fourth sport, but he expertly timed his Bears credential s season – for the 1985 Super Bowl XX run. He covered the 2005 White Sox-Astros World Series and the 2010 and 2013 Stanley Cup Finals won by the Blackhawks. Castle’s worked for newspapers, magazines and online sites. From 1994 to 2010, he hosted and produced Diamond Gems, a weekly syndicated baseball radio program. And he has served as historian for the Chicago Baseball Museum. Throughout his sports journalism decades, Castle has forged positive relationships with Hall of Famers and star athletes, attributes that helped him craft his books and particularly were a benefit in assembling “Champions.” He also has taught writing and editing for three colleges in the Chicago area. Castle lives in Chicago’s northern suburbs with wife Nina, Australian shepherd Patches and 25-year-old African Grey parrot Casey. Daughter Laura acquired her love of baseball from the old man.